Automated Registration Systems

Automated Systems

IsleShare’s automated bike share system consists of a digital lock box, containing a fleet bike key, which will be mounted on the bike corral. A user will be required to obtain a PIN access code to unlock the lock box and retrieve the fleet bike key. This unique code will be auto-generated when the user signs up for the bike share program via a desktop or online registration system. Auto-generated codes can either be one-time use, suitable for our customers with high user turn-over rates such as hotels and resorts, or time stamp issued codes for our customers having long term plan members such as universities and colleges, businesses, and residential developments.

Desktop Registration

IsleShare can provide PC software that creates the unique one-time or time stamped PIN codes for integration with our digital lock key boxes. The generated PIN codes are uploaded to the lock boxes with a provided USB drive. Through desktop registration the PIN codes can be generated quickly and easily for distribution to those in your bike share program.

Online Registration

For more advanced bike share programs, IsleShare can provide an easy to use online registration and booking system that integrates with our digital key lock boxes. In the same manner as with the PC software, unique PIN codes are generated within the online registration system and are uploaded to the lock boxes with a provided USB drive. The online registration system allows booking reservation of fleet bikes, as well as fleet maintenance and asset management tracking.