Automated Bike Share Solutions for your Customers

Our Solutions

Coming Soon: On-bike blue tooth locking system controlled by IsleShare Cycle's smart phone App!


Ask us about bringing bike share to your location or about becoming an operator!

Automated Bike Share

IsleShare Cycle provides a mobile, cost effective, automated bike share and rental solution that can be scaled to suit your needs. Use a smart phone or PC to check availability book, process payment (if required) and receive access to bikes!

Bike Maintenance

We provide you with a high quality bike share fleet and we want to keep it that way. Bike maintenance is offered with support from our friends at Velofix Mobile Bike Shop (at select locations).

Basic Bike Share

Sometimes simpler is better. Small bike share programs may not require automation. Therefore we can supply bikes, parking racks, locks, and helmets only, without our self-serve access system.

Bike Share Fleet Branding

Bike share fleet branding is a low cost, but highly visible investment. Show off your establishment to others in the community by providing advertising on bikes and parking stations.

IsleShare can show you how easy Bike Share can be!