Community Development Bike Share

Community Development Bike Share

Bike share can maximize minimized living

Micro-loft developments are on the rise to deal with increased housing prices and the movement to densify neighbourhoods. Bike storage is a challenge that can be overcome with the integration of a bike share system.

Bike share meets sustainable demands

Governing agencies are expecting new developments to be socially, environmentally, and financially responsible. Bike share has been cited as being one of the top 10 emerging sustainability trends.

Reducing cars can save on parking

Today’s urbanites are handing over the keys to turn pedals. Designated structured car parking stalls are expensive to construct and many downtown residents do not even own cars. An entire property bike share fleet can be implemented for significantly less and can serve more people.

Providing amenities can maximize value

Accessibility to amenities increases the value of properties. McGill University completed a study that concluded that properties in close proximity to Montreal’s bike share experienced a 2.7% increase in property values.