Business Bike Share

Business Bike Share

Add bike share as a healthy benefit

The benefits to a healthy workplace include; increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, reduced compensation claims, reduced employee benefit costs, and greater overall employee satisfaction.

Cannot stress this enough

Studies have proven that workplace stress leads to both mental and physical issues with employees; resulting in increased absenteeism. Cycling improves circulation to your brain and heart, counteracting the effects of stress.

Bike share is wise investment

Canadian consulting firm, WorkingWell, has reported an average Return on Investment for an employee wellness program is $3.40 for every $1.00 spent! Save some green by going green with bike share.

Advertising in motion

Bike share fleets and parking stations can be branded to advertise your business. Fleet branding is a low cost, but highly visible investment. Attract new customers and new employees with your bike share program.