Bike Share Program and Rental Solutions

How We Share

Sales and Support

IsleShare Cycle provides volume discount sales on bikes, parking stations, locks, and helmets so that you can operate your bike share program. Need some support? No problem! We can assist with providing bicycle fleet maintenance on an annual contract basis. We also host manage the cloud based booking system that is included with our automated bike share and rental system!

Lease and Operate

Want a hands off program? No problem! We may be currently operating in your area. Lease our bike share system and let us operate under a term contract. Bike share programs can be customized for a closed group or shared public system at your host location.

Green Funding Opportunities

Did you know that bike share programs may be eligible for sustainable grants? University and business bike share programs are often eligible, if carbon savings can be measured. IsleShare Cycle works with other industry partnerships to seek opportunities for you. We can assist you in receiving sustainable funding for your program.

Where to Share?

Hotel and resort establishments, university and college campuses, business districts, community developments, are all great locations to host bike share programs. Take a look at the links below to find out why!